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Chris Cuthbertson

Hello, I'm Chris Cuthbertson, a devoted family man with a heart for service. My life revolves around my loving wife, our two wonderful kids, and the joy they bring to our everyday adventures. For the past five years, I dedicated myself to the world of sales, collaborating with businesses to help them grow.


However, a calling deep within led me to take a leap of faith and shift my focus towards serving teachers, recognizing the immense impact they have on our society's future. In my spare time, you'll often find me behind a camera lens, capturing the beauty of life through photography. Additionally, I find fulfillment in serving my community at our church in Keller, where I can contribute to making a positive difference.


Life is a journey, and I'm committed to embracing every moment, whether it's in my family's embrace, supporting educators, capturing memories through photography, or giving back to my community through church service. Together, let's make every day count.



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